Combine all your contact information and social-media accounts into a single Octopass ID with a sleek tap 'n' share card!
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Pass in the Air.

Pass in the Air.

Simply wave / tap the card near any NFC-enabled smartphone and your details will be instantly be shown on the device.

No NFC? No problems! We got you covered with the QR Code.

One Pass. Infinite Choices.

One Octopass can link to infinite number of social networks, streaming platforms, contact details, bitcoin wallet addresses and any information you want to share with public!

One Pass. Infinite Choices.

One Pass. Infinite Choices.

Pass Once. Update Infinitly.

Say goodbye to normal business cards which needs to re-print, re-distribute, and re-notify to your network regarding your updates.

Pass your Octopass once to anyone, and then update infinitely and your network will receive your updated contact details instantly.

Your Octopass QR Code remains the same forever.

Powerful Analytics.

Discover new perspectives on your networking with Octopass analytics such as:
  • Number of views on your profile
  • Number of times people shared you
  • Most popular and unpopular social-links on your profile
  • Breakdown of these stats by demographics; such as time, geolocation, age, sex, etc

One Pass. Infinite Choices.

Eco Friendly.

Eco Friendly.

According to research, over 80% of business cards get thrown away (that's billions of cards a year!)
Save the earth by ditching paper business cards and switching to a reusable Octopass card that never ran out, pollute the planet or cut trees down!


Tamas Madga
Angel Investor

Octopass is actionable on the spot, unlike the traditional business cards. It’s already a win, and as a plus no need any paper printing and design hassle. Well done!

Anastasia Hudson
Mrs. Universe Candidate

Octopass allows me connect with my fans easily and effortlessly!

Dj Wiz

As an IRL Live-streamer and DJ I am always on the go. I saw Octopass as a real time saver for exchanging my social media details to people I meet out and about in the community.

Jarek Pajewski
Professional Photographer

Fantastic concept! Forget about carrying, printing and worrying about running out of business cards. I attached it to my phone and can share my details instantly.

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